Reinvent Art

Reinvent Art site showcasing the work of David X.

  • Built with WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Animated homepage using CSS grid
  • Highly customized product pages with gallery search
  • High design navigation
  • Story page built out using Gutenberg with additional custom animations
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Chit Chats Public Site

Public site redesign for Chit Chats.

Created with the Reinvent team.

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Reinvent website redesign.

  • Built using Jekyll
  • Multiple custom layouts using CSS grid and small animations

Created with Reinvent team.

Note: Link is to archived backup as site has since been redesigned (

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Spire Development

  • WordPress CMS
  • Customized project page

Created while working with the Graphically Speaking team.

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Easy Park

Created with the Graphically Speaking team.

Note: Site has been heavily modified since creation

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Pyramid Analytics

  • Sitefinity CMS
  • Built in conjunction with the Pyramid development team
  • Built multiple custom widgets to create drag and drop functionality for building out pages
  • Numerous customized content types: webinars, videos, reports, and events

Created with the Graphically Speaking team.

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