The Last Notes of El Capitan

Whenever I got lonely, I used to whistle the last notes of El Capitan. No, not the rock formation in Yosemite or the iOS operating system version named after it—the John Philip Sousa march. For Grade 10 my parents sent me to Shawnigan Lake, a boarding school about three hours from where we lived. I […]


Veronica Mars: A Review

Some thoughts following my pandemic rewatch of Veronica Mars from Paris Hilton to La Pieta.

Social Media

How to Disappear Completely or Why I Quit Facebook.

I am leaving Facebook forever. Here is why.


The Good Place: Philosophy as a Virtue

[Spoilers for The Good Place below. Obviously.] I forking love the good place. Obviously there’s a lot there: Kristen Bell, that guy from Cheers, and humorous discussions about ethical philosophy. It’s that last part, of course, that makes the show truly exceptional. There’s been a few think pieces on the anti-intellectual strain that runs through […]

Short Stories

The Book of Job

It was coming down like a second flood when they went out to the pub. Job loved the old place, with its crusty regulars and veneer of the old world. In a pub, Job thought, there remained some sense of the old and the mystical, that which we gave up when we drifted away from […]