Short Stories

The Book of Job

It was coming down like a second flood when they went out to the pub. Job loved the old place, with its crusty regulars and veneer of the old world. In a pub, Job thought, there remained some sense of the old and the mystical, that which we gave up when we drifted away from […]

Sci-Fi Short Stories

The Eye of the Needle

She was already thinking about moving when she found the hole. Her reason was simple. She liked cats and their aloof company, and it had been many years since she had owned one. It was lonely in the apartment by herself, and she had found that a good antidote to loneliness was holding a purring […]

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Down by the Ferry

As a change from my rants concerning social media, I thought I’d share another story. I wrote this for the Bundoran Press Blood and Water anthology. Although it made it to the final round of consideration, it unfortunately was rejected so now I’m stuck with an 8000 word piece of science-fiction Canadiana. I thought I […]