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Down by the Ferry

As a change from my rants concerning social media, I thought I’d share another story. I wrote this for the Bundoran Press Blood and Water anthology. Although it made it to the final round of consideration, it unfortunately was rejected so now I’m stuck with an 8000 word piece of science-fiction canadiana. I thought I might as well give it to the internets for free.

I ride the Departure Bay Ferry often—it’s my preferred means of getting home to the Island—so those boats loom large in my mental landscape. Some of my friends have been writing dystopian stories set in a future Republic of Cascadia and mentioned the idea of converted ferries being used as gun platforms. From this seed the story idea was born.

As for the characters, let’s just say during my time in Port Alberni I’ve met my share of Shannons. Their kids always seem to have big pale eyes. I wrote them an apocalypse they did okay in. I hope you enjoy it.

Down by the Ferry

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