The Good Place: Philosophy as a Virtue

[Spoilers for The Good Place below. Obviously.] I forking love the good place. Obviously there’s a lot there: Kristen Bell, that guy from Cheers, and humorous discussions about ethical philosophy. It’s that last part, of course, that makes the show truly exceptional. There’s been a few think pieces on the anti-intellectual strain that runs through […]

The Book of Job

It was coming down like a second flood when they went out to the pub. Job loved the old place, with its crusty regulars and veneer of the old world. In a pub, Job thought, there remained some sense of the old and the mystical, that which we gave up when we drifted away from […]

The Eye of the Needle

She was already thinking about moving when she found the hole. Her reason was simple. She liked cats and their aloof company, and it had been many years since she had owned one. It was lonely in the apartment by herself, and she had found that a good antidote to loneliness was holding a purring […]

The Contents of My Pockets

I think we’re defined, in part, by what we keep in our pockets. The objects that reside there create our little internal worlds of feeling and habit that can never truly be shared with anyone else. I verify the presence of my wallet many times a day by pressing my elbow against the coat pocket […]