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A Terrible Beauty Is Born

I’ve been thinking more on the whole mythology aspect of identity, for cities as well as other places. With cities that identity is grown organically, bursting out of the collective experiences, trials and tribulations of their inhabitants. But cities are not the only entities that are steeped in story. Nations, peoples, and regions also have […]

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The Bone War

Back in the days when dinosaur bones were a hot commodity, there were two paleontologists, Marsh and Cope, whose friendship turned to bitter rivalry. They strove to outdo each other both professionally and unprofessionally resorting to bribery, theft, and fossil destruction. Between the two of them, they unearthed a fantastic number of new dinosaur species, […]

Musings The City Uncategorized

Vancouver Is a City with No Memory

Everyone knows the story of New York. The Dutch come in and buy the island of Manhattan for a few beads from the natives. It isn’t quite true, the tribe was just passing through so they just got some beads for free, but it’s a good legend. People know, or think they do, that a […]