The Contents of My Pockets

I think we’re defined, in part, by what we keep in our pockets. The objects that reside there create our little internal worlds of feeling and habit that can never truly be shared with anyone else. I verify the presence of my wallet many times a day by pressing my elbow against the coat pocket that holds it, and I feel empty without the feel of the weight of my pocket knife and keys in my right jean pocket.

When I was out east, about four years ago now, I took this picture of the objects I carried with me everywhere (minus wallet and keys):

From left to right you have:

  1. A 2GB USB Stick: Christmas present from my brother (2008 as I recall).
  2.  The Old Man Pen: One day in a coffee shop, this old Greek fellow told me that his pen wasn’t working and that I could have it, as he was too lazy to buy a refill for it. I treasured that damn pen, but it fell out of my pocket while I was in Costa Rica. So it goes.
  3. Cell Phone: A basic model that came with the expensive Rogers plan I signed up. Everyone was strangely impressed by this flip phone, which I’ve never really understood. Some people still are, which is even more confusing.
  4. Ipod Nano: I still have it. May go back to it one day. I miss the elegance of the wheel system.
  5. Carbon Steel Pocket Knife: Courtesy of Aaron Palm. I was given this one very dark Christmas and I tried to use it all the time. Sadly, it was taken from my luggage when Iceland Air lost my backpack for 11 days when I flew to Europe. I have sworn a terrible oath never to fly with them again on account of this.

Here is the current set of pockets contents (Summer 2013):

  1. USB stick: Still going strong. Holds data I’m really scared of losing. In danger of being replaced by 16GB USB due to Moore’s Law.
  2. Questionable Pen: I do have a good pen somewhere, but it needs ink. This one does for the moment.
  3. The Rogers Phone: It has stuck it out with me for 5 years. It is currently held together with duct tape.
  4. Ipod Touch: Acquired for my European travels. The glass is slightly cracked. I mainly use it as a watch.
  5. Opinel #6: Purchased in Cork City during travels. Primarily used to cut cheese, string, open boxes, and other useful things like that.
  6. Keys: I had these when I took the previous picture, but didn’t think to include them. The keychain was a graduation present.

What are the contents of your pockets? What stories reside there?

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